Meet Virginia Relay CapTel Specialist Marta Cagle

  • Jul 19, 2011
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  • publicrelationsdept

Virginia Relay would like to welcome Marta Cagle as Virginia’s new CapTel® Outreach Specialist on behalf of the Virginia Department for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VDDHH). Originally from Christiansburg, Va., Marta provides outreach support and education services for the entire commonwealth of Virginia.

A specialized technology developed by Ultratec®, CapTel allows people who are hard of hearing to read a captioned version of their conversations on the text screen of their phones and listen to the voice of the person they are calling at the same time. CapTel is ideal for late-deafened adults, people who are deaf and can speak clearly, Voice Carry-Over (VCO) and amplified phone users and people with cochlear implants. There is no fee to access the captioning service.

As CapTel Outreach Specialist, Marta hopes that she will be able to reach sectors of the community that don’t know about the services offered. “I hope I can change people’s lives by educating caregivers and medical professionals because they see people that may not have ties or access to resources to learn about CapTel services,” said Marta.

Marta has worked in the healthcare field with medical equipment and high-end rehab for over 10 years. The most rewarding part of the new position for Marta is “helping someone keep or regain their independence with our services, and also explaining that this service is here to help and is free of charge.”

Marta attended Radford University and is currently working on her business degree in human resources management. In her spare time, Marta enjoys hanging out with family and friends, reading, and visiting the beach. She is also a board member for the Virginia SIDS Alliance.