Thanks to FREE apps like these, a smartphone can be an incredibly powerful communications tool for deaf and hard-of-hearing users. Download them now from your device’s apps store.

IP-Relay from Purple Communications enables deaf or hard-of-hearing users to make and receive text relay calls. Calls are free and do not count against your monthly phone minutes. For Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Get video relay service on the go with ntouch, the app from Sorenson Communications that turns your smartphone into an instant videophone. For Apple and Android devices.

Hamilton Mobile CapTel
See exactly what is being said to you on every call with Hamilton Mobile CapTel, the app that translates your caller’s words into easy-to-read text captions. Ideal for hard-of-hearing or deaf people who want to make voice calls. For Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

Enjoy video chat wherever you’re comfortable! ConvoMobile lets you call any videophone and features one-click Video Relay calling. It’s also the first mobile VRS app to have a 911 hot button. For Apple and Android devices.

Virtual Voice
Virtual Voice uses text to speech (TTS) and speech recognition features to enable deaf and speech-disabled users to communicate with others without the need for sign language or lip reading. For Android devices.

iSpeech converts text to speech and will even translate your text into 18 foreign languages, making it great for travel. Choose from a selection of voices. For Apple and Blackberry devices.

Dragon Dictate
Perfect for ASL users and late-deafened adults, Dragon Dictate changes voice to text captions, making it easy for deaf and hard-of-hearing users to communicate face-to-face with others. For Apple devices.

Video call and instant message anyone on Skype for free. For Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Feel who’s calling and texting you with Vibe, the app that uses vibration patterns to help you ID callers. Pick a contact and set or create a unique vibration pattern for them—it’s that easy! For Android devices.

Deaf Note
Deaf Note replaces the need for pen and paper to write notes back and forth. Save or export your notes, change font sizes, and more. For Android devices.

Buzz Cards
Buzz Cards by Sorenson Communications works like a deck of flash cards to help deaf users communicate more easily with those who don’t know sign language. Make and edit cards as needed, or create cards ahead of time for messages you use more often (e.g., “Where is the restroom?” or “Where is the nearest bus stop?”). Your cards are organized by category (e.g., “Dining” or “Travel”) to make them easy to find later. For Apple devices.

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