Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is seeking Virginia Relay users to join the Virginia Relay Advisory Council (VRAC)! VRAC needs new representatives to fill these vacancies:

  • Internet/Wireless Relay user
  • Video Relay Service (VRS) user

If you use these Relay features and are interested in serving on VRAC,  please contact Eric Raff at 804-404-9090 or

VRAC was established to focus on the statewide education and technical assistance activities of the Virginia Relay. VRAC focuses on Virginia Relay’s consumers’ needs, to advise and make recommendations to VDDHH, and to share information to the consumers. VRAC is comprised of various relay users providing guidance in public relations, marketing, education, and outreach.

VRAC members’ duties and responsibilities shall also include:

• Ensuring through research and practical experience that Virginia Relay is meeting the needs of its users;
• Collecting feedback from consumers to be shared with the Department, and the contractor(s);
• Providing advice on meeting the requirements for functional equivalency required by federal law;
• Assisting in the disseminating of information from VDDHH and the relay contractor(s) to consumers;
• Providing access to consumers and other interested parties through meetings held in various regions of the Commonwealth as determined by the Advisory Council

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